How to regain your balance quickly and naturally

Discover Energy Healing and balance your energy and emotional health

What is Energy Healing?

In Energy Healing by David Corral, we carry out therapeutic and accompanying sessions with different techniques for the improvement of personal emotional and energetic health in a quick and natural way.

We evaluate the human potential of the person seeking balance in a natural way to help you adapt to the most appropriate situation for you, aligning yourself with your life purpose and giving you tools for self-knowledge for daily use.

We also provide online and classroom training in the Thetahealing technique as a certified and authorized instructor worldwide.




Energy, physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Balance and Chakra Healing

Healing of the inner child (work on self-esteem and appreciation)

Genealogical Tree Healing (family clan work)

Elimination of limiting beliefs and feeling work (abundance work, self-esteem, eliminating sacrificial beliefs and unconscious pacts)

Recover the joy of living (Work on self-esteem and the inner child and support with natural oils and essences)

Personalised aromatherapy, we create your own essences to recover your emotional balance.

Find the path within you: spiritual accompaniment and spiritual comfort in difficult and uncertain times.

Discover and recover your inner guidance